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This sweet baby is just so pretty. iPhone shots don’t do her justice. This weekend, she’ll be baptized. Camera is on charge already!





 I couldn't decide where to put this--happy or real. This combination monster virus thing is for real. It’s been ten weeks or more since the saga began. And still, at least one visit to the doctor for someone every week. This week, we had two. Nicholas went to see a cornea specialist yesterday. He has about 24 scars across his eyes. Not much we can do but wait. Karoline went today. Nicholas’ treatment has been tapered way back and she doesn’t need to see him for a couple months to evaluate. So, his weekly Mommy Dates are coming to an end. Karoline was similarly released; she'll return next month. As happy as I am to be finished with the additional appointments, I'm going to miss the Mommy Dates. Maybe I will take one child at a time to the store with me henceforth. Karoline in the grocery store is quite the happy adventure. This child cannot sit still. So she dances her way through the store, frequently forgetting where she is. She is just so over-the-top happy! Usually, people smile and and sometimes, they even applaud. Please don't tell me her behavior is inappropriate. She's the eighth child; I'm old. She gets away with way more...;-).




It’s hilarious to watch this household change its orbit every time Lucy walks through the door. (Actually, Lucy doesn't walk through the door, does she? Every time Lucy is carried through the door...)There’s a compelling force that pulls every one of them into her presence. They argue and jostle to be the one to hold her. They compete with one another over who has a better “baby touch.” Paddy frequently cries, “No fair!” because he’s not home as much as the others. It’s a grand baby contest—Foss style. The other day, she came to visit because word on the street was she’d learned to smile since we’d since her 48 hours previous.  They all gathered ‘round and made ridiculous faces and more ridiculous noises. I suppose I should have gotten baby smiles with my big camera. Instead, I got them—adoring her!




When you work in sports--whether on television or in print--people always talk about how "cool" your job is and how "fun" it would be. It is cool. It is fun. There are lots of super cool and fun opportunities. However, the reality is that it's not all fun and games when one is a sports journalist. This Facebook post literally made me cry. I know how much he admires his dad and I know how much he wants to be home more than his dad was. And. I know how hard it is make it all happen the way we want, while building a career and providing for one's family. Super hard. There's a learning curve and a sacrifice for the dads. And there's a learning curve and a sacrifice for the moms. Really, this post is a reminder that the kids learn and sacrifice, too. Michael is going to Brazil to cover the World Cup. People, that particular sporting event begins June 12 and ends July 13. He gets to come home sooner if the US loses. It's kind of strange to hope the coach is right on this one. But I do.