Growing Closer to God's Word


This week, Leila and I talk about the practical aspects of bringing God's Word closer for ourselves and our families. Leila discusses the very fine points of Lectio Divina and I take an opportunity to talk a bit what scripture study looks like in my life.

  There is no picture link today. Leila has a place now at her blog for each of us to share a link to oratory pictures. I really think the more visuals, the better, so please go join the party over thereBut before you go, do stop and talk about this podcast. I love to know you're listening and to know what you're thinking. As you read, if questions pop up, please don't hesitate to mention them here and I'll see if we can get you some answers in future podcasts.  I'd love to hear what you're thinking about living the spirit of this book in your very own home. Leave a link to your blog post or just speak up in the combox. Also, if you'd like to share photos on Instagram (I always like to do that;-), use the hashtag #littleoratory so we can find them!

Psst! I think you'll be able to hear Leila a bit better than you did last week. We recorded the same day, so all my voice issues remain. Sorry. Bonus: Because we ran really late, you can also hear the comings and goings of ten or so boys gathered to watched Argentina's rousing defeat of Brazil. If you consider how exciting that game was, they weren't all that noisy, right;-)? 

Show notes:

Ignatius Study Bible (note this only the New Testament--the footnotes are remarkably excellent)

Ignatius Bible (this is the whole Bible, not as detailed footnoting)

Navarre Bible (Old Testament)

Navarre Bible (New Testament)

New Catholic Picture Bible

The dog-eared Bible Karoline is reading beside me. (Out of print and not Catholic, but much loved)

Bible Studies

The Great Adventure

Walking Towards Eternity

The Great Adventure study for teens

Mark Hart's Bible Studies for teens

Church documents

Dei Verbum

And then there's this:

How to make your prayer journal pretty