Praying the Hours and Sanctifying Every Moment


When you are a mother of nine children and all those children live at or near home and they are all homeschooled through high school and they all play sports and dance and fully participate in the community, there is one question you hear nearly every day.

How do you do it?

For years, I’d mumble, embarrassed, and say “not all that well” or “as well we can” or “some days better than others.” In the last year or so, I’ve changed my answer. I stand up straight, square my shoulders, and say,

“By the grace of God. I pray. All day. Every day.” And it’s true. Much of my prayer is a silent running dialogue with God. But I have also set six alarms set on my iPhone, six times deliberately and intentionally set aside for prayer. Six times to pray with the Universal church. This is an idea that has some people hyperventilating. With all we have to do to live this crazy busy life, how can we possibly fit in six times every day that we will pray?  How can we add to the already busy schedule we have? 

Not all at once;-)

And sometimes, I might have just flicked the alarm silent and offered a quick, "Lord, make haste to help me." But the Church does offer a treasury. She offers "an extension of the Eucharistic celebration throughout the day, and its purpose is to sanctify the whole range of human activity--and make it graceful."

Come along and listen to Leila Lawler, co-author of The Little Oratory, as she shares the secrets of the Liturgy of the Hours.

Show notes:

**Please pardon the audio quality. I haven't had a decent speaking voice for nearly a month. I pushed to record two podcasts this week so that I will have one for you next week, also. Because, you know, it's a summer book study and this is the summer:-). The downside to that is that you can hear cough drops, an aluminum water bottle, and an occasional cough. Also, Leila fades in and out more than I'd like. Skype wasn't so friendly this time. I've decided it's much more like a phone call with a friend than it is a professional quality audio production and well, I think that works for both of us. I've clearly been enrolled in the "Humility through IT" class this summer and I'm rocking it. In all seriousness, I think it's really, really worth the effort it takes to listen. Leila has so much to offer and I want you to hear it!

  There is no picture link today. Leila has a place now at her blog for each of us to share a link to oratory pictures. I really think the more visuals, the better, so please go join the party over thereBut before you go, do stop and talk about this podcast. I love to know you're listening and to know what you're thinking. As you read, if questions pop up, please don't hesitate to mention them here and I'll see if we can get you some answers in future podcasts.  I'd love to hear what you're thinking about living the spirit of this book in your very own home. Leave a link to your blog post or just speak up in the combox. Also, if you'd like to share photos on Instagram (I always like to do that;-), use the hashtag #littleoratory so we can find them!


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