Bluebells in the Rain

I couldn't wait any longer. We headed out to Bull Run today to see the bluebells. And–surprise, surprise–we had the whole place to ourselves. It was a rainy, muddy mess.

There were just a few moments when it wasn't even drizzling.


I tried to fit some knitting into those. Didn't go so well. Too cold.



The creeks are wider and deeper and moving faster than I've ever seen them. This picture doesn't do it justice.






We discovered a skeleton. We're researching now. Would you like to help us identify this creature? Leave a comment. We're glad to have someone with whom to play "Bones."





So much for the fairytale bluebell pictures, huh?

More tomorrow when the sun shines.


  1. Trish says

    The bluebells are beautiful! Nothing like that growing here yet. Still covered in snow.
    My boys would have loved going on that adventure! They would have tried to bring it home. My husband says it’s a deer because of the hooves.

  2. Leslie says

    This will be our third year thanks to your suggestion. Maybe we will see you there on Monday. Our children love it! Glad you made it yesterday.
    No idea on the animal! Deer?

  3. says

    Beautiful, beautiful bluebells! I love it how different regions and places have their certain flower that says, “spring is here!” With everything going on over here in Japan, I think everyone has enjoyed the beauty of our cherry blossoms more than ever!

  4. says

    Actually, I agree with Linda and believe that the raindrops add a sense of whimsy to the flowers….like they are sheltering a little fairy. :) Just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Rose says

    Love your pictures of the bluebells! I have never seen them but I do enjoy listening to Miranda Lambert’s version of “Virginia Bluebell”. It’s a lovely song that you might appreciate since these flowers are such a special part of your life.

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