Happy Birthday, Sweet Sarah Love

Deep breath. 


I will not cry while writing this post.


Too late. 


I love this sweet baby so much.


I love those chocolate eyes and the blond bangs that fall in her face but that she won't let me clip. And her big sister won't let me cut.


I love that she insists on starting and ending her days with a snuggle and she cups my face in her hands and tells me she loves me all day long.


I love that she says, "Thank you," as often as she says, "I love you."


I love that she wants to be held, to slow me down, to linger long here in babyhood, ever since the beginning.


I love that her whole world revolves around her daddy. 


I love her as much as she loves egg nog.


I love to read her stories. The ones with princesses are best.


I love pink. It's our favorite color. (And Daddy's, too.)


I love that she calls her sisters "my girlies" and she's lonely without them. 


I love that she calls her brothers "my boys-ees."


I love that she went to sleep last night in a princess dress and she told me she *had* to because it makes her look fabulosa. I love that I let her.


I love that Halloween will never be the same again, not since that miraculous night three years ago, when we received a sweet sugar sack, all five pounds of her, six weeks early.

Oh, my sweet Sarah Annie girl, I love you.



  1. says

    Happy Birthday to the littlest girlie. Yes, she is a sweetie and as I always say to myself when I see her picture on your blog-Fossified-that girl looks like ALL of her girlies and boysees. Have a fun day!

  2. says

    Beautiful Elizabeth! Happy birthday to your sweet Sarah. She reminds me so much of my granddaughter who turned three in August. I have to say that three is my favorite age…well, until next year.
    Have a beautiful day.

  3. says

    Happy, Blessed Birthday, Sweetest Sarah Annie! Deo Gratias! I’ll always remember praying for you and your mama and your safe arrival. Enjoy a totally fabulosa birthday fit for a Queen! (‘boys-ees’ – I love it!)

  4. says

    Oh how sweet….birthday blessings. Elizabeth, my youngest is 7 and she sounds very much like your young one. I savor every moment and I know the tears will come the next birthday too.

  5. vicki says

    Crying with you!!! My little miracle has been three for a few months….I am savoring EVERY MINUTE! Three really is the best!

  6. says

    Happy Birthday to your sweet Sarah Annie! I cried for you when she was born, I was so happy for you! Deep breaths all day indeed (my baby is nine, nine!).
    Peace & Blessings,

  7. says

    Happy Birthday to you sweet little one. Elizabeth, there is something so precious about her that just lights up my computer screen and pierces my heart. Give her an extra hug from this Texas Grandma.

  8. angie w. says

    Birthday blessings to your littlest sweetheart!! What a cutie. I started reading your blog right when she was born. I saw a “pray for Elizabeth” post on someone else’s blog and popped over here to be updated on her arrival. Bless you all!!

  9. says

    Happy Birthday Sarah Anne… God certainly knew what he was doing when he timed your birthday!
    Hope you had a fabulosa day.
    God Bless
    San x
    PS And birthday wishes to your special mama, who endured all manner of things to ensure your safe delivery.

  10. says

    Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet Sarah Annie!!! Wish I could give you a real life squeeze!
    I started reading your blog while you were on bed rest with her. How fun it’s been to watch her bloom and grow!

  11. Sarah says

    Hi! I love your blog! I just wanted to share that I read this entire post and fell in love with your little girl… and when I got to the end I almost cried when I read her name! MY name is Sarah Ann too! I was baptized Catholic almost two years ago but my family is Jewish and it has since bothered me a little that my name didn’t have any christian significance and it made me so happy to know that a Catholic mom chose the same name for her daughter as my Jewish mom! Thank you, Sarah

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