To Do Today

Finish the sewing details of Katie's costume.

Set up the All Saints table.

Distribute the Fair Trade chocolate and info. Mike vetoed the idea of actually "reverse trick or treating." He thought it was rude to give back the chocolate people were offering and hand them a card detailing the horrors of how that chocolate got here. He's right. So, Nicky is preemptively educating. Today.

Make birthday cupcakes.

Get the boys to decide what they plan to be for Halloween and then make it happen.

Finish Bible study for tomorrow.

Shop for the fixins for Pizza Rolls, for Sarah's birthday dinner tomorrow night. (Post recipe here later today??)

Carve that pumpkin and make a Jack-o-Lantern of him.

Roast pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin risotto for dinner tonight.

Go to Trader Joe's for fair trade candy to distribute tomorrow. Pray all the way there that I haven't procrastinated myself into an expensive ethical mess. Nicky's watching my every move.

Hug and kiss and squeeze my two-year-old every chance I get. Because, really, today is the last day I'll have a two-year-old to hug and and kiss and squeeze. Tomorrow, she is three.


I love three.