Intentional Weekend: Going Home

We took a quick trip to Charlottesville this weekend. Yesterday, Mike, Patrick, and I toured the University of Virginia and spent a good deal of time with the soccer coaching staff. Awesome place; I'd go there in a heartbeat;-). Paddy spent the night in the dorms. Mike and I went back to my dad's and Barbara's to hang out with them and the little siblings. We actually kicked back for awhile. I left the camera home and almost instantly regretted it. Katie captured these shots on Mike's cell phone.


 ~ a little surfing~


~a little knitting~


~we have the same toys at home but they seem better here, somehow~



~a birthday celebration for the 6 kids who have birthdays this month~

~ a yummy dinner (and leftovers for breakfast)~


We're heading home, all our ACC visits finished now. Paddy has some prayerful discerning to do. But, oh, how amazing, the opportunities this sport continues to offer him!