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Crafty Chloe is a new book that catapulted to the top of my children's best-loved list. The story of a little girl whose talent is creating things, Crafty Chloe tells what happens when Chloe is invited to a birthday party, but can't buy the perfect gift. At first, she fakes a case of Chicken Pops. The pictures of her bemused father are darling. (He was modeled after Todd of Oliver + S fame). Then Chloe gets busy building and sewing. She's resourceful, creative, and downright inspiring.


When this book first arrived, I was busy. My three youngest girls squirreled away to read it to themselves. They came bolting upstairs as soon as they finished reading, yelling, "We have to go  Crafty Chloe Online!" They were eager to try the craft projects there.

It took me a few grocery trips to find a necessary Clementine box. Ours is cardboard. There are no wooden ones to be found. Then, despite the fact that we were at Home Depot three times a day every day last week, they were all out of "normal" paint stirrers.  They were chopping large, industrial ones. I kept holding off, thinking I wanted the shape and size of the smaller ones. Yesterday, between pediatrician and X-rays, I decided to go ahead and get the chopped ones. I  only picked up four. I couldn't bring myself to grab more than that.

I left the paint stirrers at home and headed with Nick to X-ray (he's fine). The kids took over and didn't follow the directions at all. We had blue paint left from the closet project. They even saved a stick for Nick to paint.  Sarah is devastated that this bed is not pink. Other than that, they're rather pleased with themselves. I think Chloe would applaud as well. (All pictures, Mary Beth's phone pix.)






And Annabelle? She is charmed by her new bed:-) Annabelle was name for this book, by the way.


I'm dashing out the door this morning. Do you have favorite storybooks with craft themes? How about favorite crafts-with-kids books? Please let us know all about it.

For more about our Storybook Year, click here.


  1. says

    I love the book Fanny, about a little girl whose friends all have the trendy doll of the moment, she is looking forward to one for her birthday but gets a sewing machine instead. She learns to make her own fun, be different and be yourself. Super sweet.
    Also, I know that the series is a bit overdone now, but we are always inspired by Fancy Nancy, there is one with an art exhibit, poetry day, nature club, etc.

  2. says

    I needed to order a birthday gift this morning. Thank you! And won’t mom love all the glitter and craft supplies that we’ll wrap with the book?

  3. Kate says

    My daughter used a cardboard clementine box to make a castle for her little brother’s legos. The four corners, obviously, are natural towers. I collect a lot of old craft books. My favorite one is volume 5 from an old red bound set of “The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls” – “Things to Make and Things to Do”. It is illustrated with charming black and white drawings and photos. It also has little poems throughout like: “There was a quaint dainty queen/ Who once made a quilt for a dean/ With some quadruple tweeds,/ Quite a number of beads,/ And a queer little quill in between” and “We love the pictures artists paint/ And sculptors’ statues too/ But more than any other art/ We love the art WE do!”. A real treasure.

  4. says

    My oldest two kids are very close in age, and were constantly crafting things completely on their own initiative – all I had to do was provide plenty of materials. I’m not sure why, really, but my younger two kids are not nearly as crafty as the older two – aside from my one son’s developmental issues, I think some of it is just personality (the youngest really dislikes getting paint on his hands, for example). Maybe this book would give my boys some inspiration too?

  5. Kristin says

    Adorable ! Along the same lines is the book Fanny by Holly Hobbie – exalts homemade over storebought, cute refernces to sewing and great overall message about sweet dolls vs. their sassier “brattier” versions.Highly recommend!

  6. Tiffany says

    We had great fun with The Apple Doll by Elisa Kleven a few years ago. It was fun to make the dolls, find hair, craft the body and then you can make clothes!
    Galimoto is another book that is fun for boys and girls. My girls read it in first grade and then had a project to make their own.
    Thanks for this! I’ll definitely check it out.

  7. says

    All the American Girl history book characters have a craft book too: Kirsten’s Craft Book, Addy’s Craft Book, Samantha’s Craft Book, etc. Already out of print, but easy to buy on or find at the library. Some of the AG books and short stories have a craft project in the back with the history section. Nice to be so historically accurate in our storybooking and crafting! The AG books cannot be beat!!

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