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I’ve been sewing lots and lots lately. Still making window treatments:-). I’m learning that if there’s fabric involved, it doesn’t take me long to get to my happy place. I’m also learning that sewing is even better with friends. My friend Cari has been here often to help me with draperies and it’s just so nice to wrok together, to have long conversations, and share a passion for fiber arts! We’ve been trading fabric and yarn and lots of ideas. My project list is growing quite long. (Speaking of project lists, Deborah has some insight to that today. even if you’ve never sewn and never plan to, this post is a very good read.)

I’ve also found that I love to teach other people to sew. Since I’m so new at this, those “other people” are mostly children. Last week, Megan’s daughter Katie came over for sewing and tea. I helped her create a ribbon-hemmed skirt. This sweet skirt is such a great first project! (Here’s a link to a free tutorial.) The results are nearly instantly gratifying. She sewed so well and was such a dear little sponge. 

When Megan came to pick  her up, Katie beamed her success. Truly darling. Then, Sarah told Megan that she has three ribbon hemmed skirt and I helped her make them all. Megan asked what Sarah did when she sewed her skirts. “I gave Mommy the pins to put in the skirt. And then she gave them to me to put in the pincushion. She was a big help.” Yep. In her darling little brain, she sewed those skirts. And that’s all good.

I’m reading Chesterton this year, to celebrate the Year of Faith (more on the plan here). I took a picture of my reading and knitting yesterday to write a Yarn Along post. Then, Cari came to sew and I forgot all about blogging. So, here’s my read:


So what’s happening out there in needle and thread world? Are you working on Christmas presents? Christmas decorations? Winter jammies? Do tell.  

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needle and thREAD


  1. Michelle Murray says

    Could I come over for sewing lessons and tea? ;) That would be a dream-come-true! Thanks for all you do and write about.

  2. says

    That skirt idea is awfully cute, and yours with the blue trim is just perfect for that fabric. I also have a long sewing project list – you seem happy at the idea, mine kind of weighs on me, because I keep adding to it faster than I can whittle it down! :D

  3. Kirstin says

    Elizabeth, I love the curtains! I will be starting curtains for all our closet doors soon. What sewing machine did you use for them?
    Thanks for sharing! I am getting excited to start my curtains!

  4. Judy says

    A simple skirt is a great first project. This brought back such a happy memory for me. My daughter and her friend (now 15) were eight.They spent a very happy Saturday sewing identical skirts with me, and after a sleep-over we headed off to Church and Sunday School ‘twin skirts’ and delight in tow!

  5. Monica says

    Well, I don’t have pictures this week, and I’ve already wrapped it up, but I made vestments (for dress-up) for a little boy who’s a friend of our family. It was an interesting project, and I think if I do it again, I’ll change a whole bunch of things, but I did it. And I made them reversible — green on one side, purple on the other. I think he’ll like them — he’s always playing “celebrate Mass.”
    I’m reading for the Year of Faith, too! I got Msgr. Ronald Knox’s The Creed in Slow Motion, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I’m working on his In Soft Garments. They’re collections of sermons he gave. The Creed one is from when he was chaplain of a girls’ school during the war, and the Soft Garments is from when he was the Catholic chaplain at Oxford. He must have been an excellent speaker, and he’s very clear and often quite amusing. I’m really enjoying them. He was a contemporary of Chesterton, and a convert to the Catholic faith.
    I have MANY more projects planned for Christmas, besides the beginnings of an idea for a kids’ sewing class for family and friends…we’ll see how far I get on either one of those!

  6. Mary Angerer says

    I haven’t quite started it yet, but I am about to begin a christening dress for my newest grandechild, Lucretia Kirsten,(Lucy) born November 14th. They want to have her baptised on the Feast if the Baptism of Christ, so I’d better get with it. I am a slow sewer.

  7. Chris Scarlett says

    As usual, I am more of a reader than a thREADER, but I did order a sewing machine online for my 20 year old daughter, a fashion merchandising major. Jo-Ann’s had a $499 model on sale for $195 with free shipping! It is a Singer sewing and quilting machine, model 7285Q. Do any of you ladies have experience with this? Olivia learned on a Janome and sews on an industrial-type machine at school. She just made a gorgeous lined coat in her advanced tailoring course. I have a Kenmore.
    I recently read 59 Seconds, Change Your Life in Under a Minute by Richard Wiseman. Not the type of title that would ordinarily appeal to me, but I had read a good review of it. The author distills studies from psychology and bust myths such as the Mozart effect and the value of group brainstorming sessions. Light reading.

  8. Meadow says

    What a lovely skirt! How blessed she is to have you to teach her how to sew.
    I am posting two links one from last week and one from this week. I’ve been working on Christmas projects and things to sell. There are a few measurments given and a knit pattern too.
    A thank you going out to the woman who made the doll carrier a few weeks ago and encouraged me to give it a go!

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