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    Stopping by from SouleMama. I can so relate. My oldest has been away at college this year and it’s been so hard on my 4yr old. Since he’s been back, she spends all her time with him. It is so bittersweet.

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    I know she’s going to miss him terribly. But really, I think he might miss her more…
    The coming home part is pretty awesome though, isn’t it? Thanks for coming by.

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    Yes it is! My 4 were spaced so close together that it seems I lost them all at once. One year we had 3 in college and I ally don’t know how we managed it. They were all spread out across the country and I know it was hard. God has brought them all back together now and 3 live back in our area and the 4th just down in Austin, a mere 2.5 hours away.

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    I feel for you and the little one. My daughter has been home for a year to work and save up before going off to do more studies. She will leave in a couple of months and although only an hours drive away I’m already starting to miss her again.

  5. Marla Lynch says

    Congratulations to Christian!
    My oldest two, who both went away to college, have now graduated and are living at home. My youngest goes to college on the opposite side of the country (not too far from you, actually). He will be a junior this year. And seeing his pride in his accomplishments makes my feelings of missing him much easier to bear.
    Even though I miss having little ones, seeing what my kids do as young adults is incredibly fun. And being able to relate to them as fellow “grown-ups” is such a delight.

  6. Patty says

    As much as I know it will be good and right for my son to go to college, I tear up just thinking about it, and so does his five-years-younger sister. I have a couple more years to get used to the idea, I guess.

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    What a sweet moment. Brought tears to my eyes, thinking of a good bye. My children are still very little, but when my daughter is away, just for a morning, my son will ask for her.

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    Well, that boy is on fire! Never a doubt. :) Congratulations again to Christian and prayers for his baby sister (and for a basketball player or three or four.) Happy weekend, Foss family. We’re praying for more State Cup victories!

  9. Mary Lou Shookhoff says

    To raise 2 children (among the others who are so disparate in age but so close in their hearts is a joy before God!
    Mary Lou

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