1. Christine Scarlett says

    My 23 year old donated her slow-growing hair once, my 15 year old has donated her thick, straight light blonde hair twice, an I donated mine when I was in my forties. None of us has ever regretted it. We have given it to Pink Heart Fund, Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and Locks of Love. With the help of vitamins and improved nutrition, my hair grew back nicer after menopause! My hair was an awkward length for awhile, but, hey, it grows back. I challenge everyone here to consider it as a Lenten (or Advent) sacrifice.

  2. Lisa says

    they all look terrific! (my boys shave their hair off all the time, in the front or back yard- it usually draws an audience ;) )Glad you used Beautiful Lengths – heard some not so good things about Locks of Love. We keep Shawn in our prayers.

  3. Heidi says

    I popped on here to show my daughter the apple cake (and more apple books) picture from yesterday and as I scrolled through the pictures, she said to me, “You’re crying!”
    So, so beautiful.

  4. Sheryl says

    My girls did this recently. When you have had someone you love lose their hair because of chemo it is so powerful… our case Megan was nearly 3. It’s not about the hair it is really about identifying with someone…something. It says we love you and we are standing with you in a community.
    Just beautiful

  5. Aimee Landreneau says

    I did not expect to be so affected by this. What a beautiful gesture. The new cuts are precious…Karoline looks like such a big, grown-up girl!!

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