On the Feast of Saint Augustine

saint augustine chapel.jpg

This is a prayer I pray every day. I composed it several years ago. Maybe it's one you want to pray, too? Feel free to cut and paste and personalize with a name where I've written "him."

Dear Jesus,

Please chase after him. Bring him close to you. Breathe your spirit into him. Grant him the grace of knowing your wisdom, knowing your truth, knowing your life-changing love. Please Lord, reach him and become his best friend. Strengthen him and show him how to turn from sin and towards all the good you will for him. I beg your mercy for him: give him health in mind and body. Let him shine in your image, Lord, and please, God, let him learn from your unconditional love. Let him see the miracle that is you. Grant him the grace and strength to hear and answer your call.

Saint Augustine, pray for us!