All the Books (and not much sewing)

I didn’t get to the sewing I had planned this week. Goodness! I had to concentrate so hard on relinquishing summer with grace and getting back to school that it took everything I had.{And it wasn't pretty. The Grace was all God's. I was not graceful.} But I do have plans for sewing with Katie this afternoon, so maybe I’ll slip a picture in a little later.


 Photo credit:  Vine of Plenty

Photo credit: Vine of Plenty

Kristin did do some super-cute and very practical sewing this week. Lucy tends to make a mess of the Ergo straps. It’s a pain to wash the whole Ergo, but it’s nasty to wear the mess. Kristin made removable teething pads that add a little dash of fashion and are oh-so-practical. She’s got a tutorial for you over at her place.



In the reading department, I took my reviewer’s copy of Mary Beth Hicks’ new book, Teachable Moments, to the orthodontist yesterday. I love my orthodontist. That's not an affiliate link. Just a fact. His wife is going to need to make some of those teething pads very soon. Pretty much the whole neighborhood is thrilled for them. (Hi, Margaret! You're in the blog;-)

Back to Teachable Moments. Here's a snippet of the book description: Never have Christian families been so challenged by the world around them to instill and instruct their children in the tenets of their faith. Moral relativism literally seeps into every facet of family life and saturates our popular culture. A ubiquitous media presence that defines our daily experience also is defining the attitudes and behaviors of those who consume it. Yet within this pervasive secular culture, Christian families encounter “teachable moments,” those unplanned but unmatched opportunities to put their faith into action and live out the values and virtues embodied in Jesus Christ. When looking for teachable moments, parents, and coaches must approach each day with intentionality, seeking out and capitalizing on opportunities to incorporate life lessons into every day experiences amid the culture.

Oh my goodness! Yes! This is a book for times such a these. Such a needed book! I plan to write a column about in the next week or so. Mary Beth Hicks has a realistic, firm grasp on what’s happening out there and what we must do in order to raise good kids in spite of what’s happening out there. She writes with wisdom and experience and good-old fashioned common sense. This book is worth a conversation.

Speaking of conversations, we’re having one about What Alice Forgot. How about that? I’m reading fiction and I’m conversing about fiction. And pretty much loving it. Join us, won’t you?

I also started The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. A friend loaned it to me several years ago and I really tried back then to read it, but couldn’t. Of course, that was when it was the “hot book” and everyone was reading and sharing. Now, I’m just going to read it all by myself. Le sigh.

I’m listening to Eat, Move, Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes.

I've long been a fan of small choices;-). It was a ridiculously good deal on Audible and since I won’t have any credits until the end of September and I have already listened to everything in my library at least twice, I figured I would give it a go. So, here I am, right back in the land of the self-help book. I like it though, and I’m thinking about a project for October. I'm also thinking about how I need to figure out how to use my library card for audio books. Every day, it's a new lesson at the computer...

What about you? What are you reading? How about sewing? Is anyone thinking about Christmas sewing? I'd really love to be all organized and in front of that this year. Someone have a good idea for teachers' gifts? Office gifts? Oh, and the Fat Quarter Shop has a new shipping policy! Now is a really good time for me to buy some fabric and start creating.



In the United States: 

Orders below $80 will be $4.95 

Orders below $10 can ship for $1.95


In Canada:

Orders $100 to $200 will be $40

Orders below $100 will be $20

Orders below $20 can ship for $9



Orders over $100 will be $40

Orders below $100 will be $24

Orders below $20 can ship for $12


Fat Quarter Shop ships super quick and they're always really personable and helpful. Now, please, someone tell me what to sew!