I'm SO Glad You're Here!

Now, let's catch up!

I think the all the feeds are finally working. You're here! I've missed you! Come in. Look around, Make yourself at home. if you missed the post where I welcomed you to my new home, please visit here.

And please stay awhile. 

Below are links to all the posts that went up when there was no feed. Here's what you might have missed:


All the Books (and not much sewing): In this one, I review the books I've been reading, link to a wonderful DIY tutorial for a baby carrier drooly bib, and share Fat Quarter Shop's awesome new shipping rates.



Girl Talk: What Alice Forgot What a great book! We started talking about it here, but it's so absolutely not too late to join the conversation. We've been waiting for you to get here!

america the beautiful.jpg

Gathering Resources Before 9/11 It's nearly the anniversary of the horrible assault on freedom that we know as 9/11. Take a moment right now to gather some resources so you'll be ready to talk with your children about these things on Thursday.


The Best Things Happen in the Margins {The Wider, the Better} This might be one of my favorite columns. I'm very much taking it to heart this semester. It's all about #smallstepsinwidemargins

We're all about REAL: Pumpkin Spice Latte You've heard about the "no-pumpkin PSL" at Allthebucks? Well, this one is the real deal. Several different versions, hot and cold, and one that is a genuine whole foods kind of meal. 

Paths Unexpected I'm a solitary walker. And now, I'm learning to be a solitary runner. Maybe one day, I'll run alongside someone, but for now, I really like being alone with my thoughts. In this post, I share some of those thoughts and I share lots of pictures of the beautiful places I have been blessed to walk and run over the 243 miles I logged in August. Click on the video. My heart's in it. 


Lots of Reading and Just a Little Sewing In this post, I share about Anna Quindlen, Anne Lamott and Annie Dillard. Just a little love for writers named Ann... And I share with you how I've started reading fiction again after twenty years of being without it.

Daybook. Mary Beth is going to contribute on a regular basis! This is her first Daybook. Stop by the combox and say hello. She'll be so encouraged.

Roasted Tomato Sauce Lots of late summer tomatoes and very little time? Here's what to do!

Could it be a Storybook Year? Here's one from the archives--a way to bring light and love and laughter into your reading with children. And a lengthy list of ideas for talking and writing about books after you've read them together.

There are No Do-Overs There was a tragic accident in my neighborhood around 11:00 on a sunny Thursday morning. An extremely high-speed collision on a residential street. Makes you think. 

i've really missed you. The move was maddening and the problems with feed readers super frustrating. But everything should work now. you might need to check on a few things.

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You can still access learning ideas and lesson plans at Serendipity. We are working on a plan to move all of those over here very soon. 

Have I mentioned how glad I am that you're here?