A few of my favorite things: respiratory virus version

When I started writing a regular column, fourteen years ago, I wondered if I'd ever run out of things to say.  Truth be told, I have looked at a few deadlines and seen complete writer's block.  But, usually I recall the words of a fellow writer way back at the beginning:  write about what you know.  So, I can usually glance around my home and find something worth five hundred words or so.

Everyone in cyberspace is off crafting, or planning, or making things beautiful.  I'm not.  First, I was babymooning.  Now, I'm nebulizing. And coughing.  And sneezing.  But let me tell you, if there's one thing I know after eighteen winters with children, it's upper respiratory infections.  So, here we go!

The ladies at 4real have offered a whole list of flu remedies.  Many of our favorites are there.  Here are a few more:

1.  Lympha-rub from Trilight Herbs.  This is liquid gold.  Rub it on an aching neck and massage those lymph nodes.  Ahhh...

2. Eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree oil:  in the tub with warm water, on a very warm washcloth draped over your face, or in the humdifier.  I also like it in a balm like Badger Winter Wonder Balm.  (Instructions on making one to follow when I catch up and write my handmade gifts post way after the fair. Maybe before the end of flu season--maybe.)

3. Chicken broth made Sally Fallon- style.  Add lots of extra garlic and some cayenne pepper. Make this when you feel fine and freeze it for when you need it.

4. Gypsy Cold Care tea.

5. Sliced ginger steeped with cayenne pepper.  Stir in lemon juice and honey and drink it all day long.

6.  Scout Out, also from the folks at Trilight.  My kids say it tastes like dirt. (I wonder how they know what dirt tastes like?)  It doesn't taste good but it's potent stuff.

7. Someone to take care of you.  Sometimes, that someone ministers by mail.  And that someone sends you a great big care package.  And in it are pink peppermint aromatherapy socks.  And you feel loved.