Charlotte Mason at the Lilting House

Perhaps it's a year of upheaval that inspires us to turn with open arms towards the matronly Miss Mason.  Perhaps it's seeking simplicity.  I remember the first time I found Charlotte Mason.  I had four children and was expecting a fifth.  I was tired of co-opping--not because of the people but because I couldn't handle the commuting and the conforming to the necessary schedule.  But I craved a rhythm in my new house.  It was a bit of a tilting house, to borrow a term from a very dear friend.

That dear friend and I got a good laugh when we shared with each other just before Christmas that we'd had this altogether unique revelation to return to Charlotte Mason roots.  They are going to begin a Charlotte Mason term at the Lilting House in the Bonny Glen. Since Lissa is already more organized and more articulate than I am where this endeavor is concerned, be sure to tune in frequently at the Lilting House and at her "up close" detail of her day (her idea, first, by the way).