Tweaking the Plans

I've been asking these questions since early December.  And I seem to be getting a lot of letters like these lately:

I am sure you get hundreds of emails, so I hate to add another to the bunch, but I just had a couple of questions...My question to you is this:  You have a large family with many young do you do it???  OK.. That is vague.  Basically, I wonder how you get through a day and cover what you want to cover with all of the different age groups, without having to make it boring workbook stuff. 

The writer goes on to tell me that she is a regular reader of this blog and has read my book twice. Clearly, something more is needed to convey the daily "how do."  I'm honestly not certain I can DO it and WRITE about it at the same time, but I'll give it a go!  Check in daily to see how I try to be Faithful Over Little Things.