Freeze Yer Buns!

FreezeyerbunsI admit that I'm a big energy consumer in the summer.I over-use air conditioning.  Heat makes me wilt in a big way--I think it's because my blood pressure is practically non-existent. But I do try to make amends in the winter. I like to be a little cold. And I love a warm sweater. There is nothing more sleep-inducing than a down comforter with a heavy quilt on top. Cold? Bring it on! Kara alerted me to Crunchy Chicken's admonition not to be left out of the cold. In the Foss household, we're shooting for 64 degrees during the day and 55 at night. I am fully aware, every time I drag the trash out to the curb, that this household of ten makes a greater impact on the environment than the house next door. I'd like to think that we can also make a greater impact for the better. I'd like to think that the people being educated inside this chilly house are being made aware of how important it is to reduce, reuse, recycle (and but the way, that CD is way too great to miss--even the big brothers are loving it--many thanks, Mary Chris). We are very, very happy to eat locally and love the farms that bring us food. We are over-the-top cloth diaper fans. But we also have a lot to learn and a lot more to do to ensure that all the people in this household grow up aware of their serious responsibility to be good stewards the beautiful world with which they've been blessed.We're going to freeze our buns this winter. Are you in?
Oh, and if you're coming to visit, consider yourself warned--bring a sweater and some fuzzy socks:-)