I have to be inspired to clean. Sometimes, all it takes is a new scent from Mrs. Meyers. Sometimes, all it takes is knowing that the truck to take away my giveaways will be here Wednesday. Sometimes, all it takes is knowing that the lady who has been cleaning her footprints off the fridge and everything else in sight will be in my house in a few short weeks. And sometimes, it's a beautiful blog with really well organized lists that lights my fire. This morning, the stars have all lined up. It's all there. It's all happening. I have an overwhelming urge to put things in order. Kara's lists are really remarkable. They are Flylady inspired and  tweaked for her personal use.  There is an overall at-a-glance for dailies, weeklies, and zones. Then, she's detailing, room by room, for her homekeeping notebook. I was just saying that my notebook really needs some updating. Michael's departure completely sacked my routines and now that we finally have new ones in places, my pages need re-doing. Kara has beautifully  inspired me. I have Home Comforts and I have Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. Should be a simple thing to "just do it," particularly given all the inspiration I have. Should be. First though, a cup of tea...and then I promise, I'll get going. Many blessings to you on this Monday morning. New weeks are so inspiring, aren't they?