Monday Night Football Geography Extension Activities

November_2007_042It's back to Pittsburgh tonight for Monday Night Football. This is a fact that delights the people in this household because, thanks to a friend in Pittsburgh who reads this blog, we learned that Clark bars originated in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania: heaven for chocolate lovers! Thanks to Beth, we have a stash of candy for Pittsburgh Round 2. AND we can see what the papers had to say the morning after the last MNF in Pittsburgh!I am working on plans to extend our sports-location geography beyond Monday Night Football season. The playoffs look to be in Wisconsin (I hope;-), among other places. The Super Bowl is in Arizona. The Pro Bowl is in Hawaii. We'll visit the NCAA tournament sites and some NBA sites and some Major League Soccer and Baseball sites. We've got to visit fifty states (it may be a stretch, but hey, even Alaska has the Iditarod. I figure I can find some kind of sporting event in every state). Stay tuned and email me if your state has something to offer!