My nose in a book

I grew up with my nose in a book. My nose is exceedingly happy there:-). I love to read and, very often, to write about what I read. So, where is my nose going to be tonight? Well, I'm going curl up in a big chair by a fireplace and hope that one eye on football will suffice for my family. I'm going to finish re-reading Real Food (Nina Planck's website has occupied my afternoon). I love this book because I recognize the farms and farmers and I appreciate my real food sources all the more after reading. Kim recommended it to me a couple of years ago. While she was chatting away about Loudoun County (I call that "home") and Polyface Farms, I was counting my blessings that good food, real food, is a reality in my life. This book makes so much sense! This year, it will be quickly followed by Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver,  so I can see what all the buzz is about. I hope to get the big boys to read that one and also, Omnivore's Dilemma, recommended to me by my friend Rachel. Those are the books in the family room (and kitchen).

On the nightstand, is Jesus of Nazareth at Alicia's recommendation. I am finding Pope Benedict XVI to be very readable.

And then, on its way, is It's all Too Much: An Easy Plan for a Richer Life so that I can follow the conversation at Rebecca's .Sigh. I want to be rid of the clutter. And I'm truly praying that I can discern what is clutter and what is the fullness that comes with ten people occupying a living space.

Finally, I'm hoping for a blizzard or something, so I can binge read This House of Brede before the book club discussion at Nutmeg's. I haven't read a lot of fiction as an adult. A weird thing happened when I had cancer: I stopped reading fiction. I still can't figure out why, but with the exception of children's literature, I've not read fiction in seventeen years. I'm trying Megan, I really am:-)