Serendipity Update

There is a new Alphabet Path story at Serendipity today and the fairies and gnomes around my house are tickled that it's time to skip down the path again. My kids are pretty psyched, too;-). There will be some changes at Serendipity during the next couple of months. Katherine's father is ill and will be having surgery for cancer. Understandably, this will take her away from her computer. The gnomes story is Katherine's, created for her little boy, and so it will await her return. In the meantime, the Foss gnomes will be busy learning some things on their own and I will share that with you as I'm able.

Look for another installment of Lively Language Lessons next Wednesday.We are still using our Fairy Tale Christmas Book and plan to use it until Candlemas. For younger children, mom keyboards as the children tell the story. Older children are encouraged to write or keyboard for themselves. An older child's story is a great place for proofreading and editing practice. Older children are also exploring the imagery and symbolism of the genre. 

Stories written by younger children can be used for reading practice. The written narrations are used by all the children in our families for Lively Language Lessons.

This week, Lively Language is moving along to study verbs.

I've discovered that Botany is HUGE:-)! This a yearlong study and then some and it promises to become a passion for some of my budding botanists. The Foss Family has begun to use Shanleya's Quest for all and Botany in a Day for the older children. There is so much to discover in the field and at home with our books. We're following Rebecca's lead here.

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I write these lessons for my children and share them with you. I will sorely miss Katherine's daily presence in my life. She has blessed my learning room abundantly and her absence will be felt keenly. Please pray for her, for her father, and for the whole family as they face the challenges ahead.