History Plans

In a note to me yesterday, Marilyn shared survival strategies for pregnancy bedrest. One of the things she recommended was  " School - get watertight lesson plansso it will run without you - though the good thing is that you will have time to read and “couch school. "

Nothing like the threat of bedrest a little nudge to get things moving! Actually, these plans were pretty much finished (I didn't write eight detailed posts this morning). I was going to publish them after we did them, but I figured there might be someone else out there who is looking at an uncertain fall and would like to have plans that are pretty watertight and leave lots and lots of suggestions for reading and couch school. There are eight weeks of plans up on Serendipity today. Click here for the bunch of them. Soon, we'll (Cindy will) have these better organized for you to make them easily accessible without scrolling. They're not complete. Remember this is my rough draft.  There will be typos and mistakes. Shortly, I'll publish a booklist that Paula has lovingly put together so you have one neat list to take to the library that covers all eight weeks. I just need my computer to understand what I'm telling it. Also, we are going to add a Michael and Mr. Applebee history-themed, original story each week. But we have to get going first in order to do that, so I'll update those as I go.  Now, I'm off to address the other things on Marilyn's list.

Have a very blessed day!