News Flash!

0744523354_2Elizabeth wrote to tell me that Rosie's Babies is not out of print. It is readily available at Amazon in paperback. This book is so dear to our family that I was tempted to buy one for each of my children, to save until their children become big siblings. (I didn't, but I wanted to.) As a rule, I dislike "big sibling" books. They tend to introduce negative feelings that just don't happen here. This book is charming and delightful and focuses on four-year-old Rosie, who nurtures her stuffed "babies" as her mother takes care of the new baby of the house. Rosie is right alongside her mom, chatting all the while. There is a precious picture of Mom discreetly nursing the wee babe.This one is a keeper. In our house, a tattered, worn, well-loved keeper.