A New Creation in Christ

Sarah Anne was baptized on the morning of November 4,  2008 in the NICU at Loudoun Hospital. This means that her baptism will be recorded at St. Theresa in Ashburn (I'm jotting that note here so I can remember when I need to one day). It was a very brief ceremony and we can "provide the rite" at a later date. Fr. Peter is the Campus Minister at George Mason University. All of our children have been baptized by campus ministers  (or former campus ministers). Father Peter was a huge support to all of us in the days before and after Sarah's birth. I'll tell you more about the prayers and action of campus ministry in a LONG post telling the story of Sarah's birth.

I got to hold her for a few moments after her baptism. Later that day, she was able to take a whole feeding from a bottle. From there, she made continuous, steady  progress.

All grace.

My baby was baptized on Election Day. We count the day victorious in our family.