After all his hard work, his careful protection, his heroic transport to the hospital, and his bedside vigils in the NICU, Daddy missed homecoming. We were surprised by an unexpected discharge order this morning. Daddy's in Phoenix.

This is for you, dear ...
She was wearing her handknit pumpkin hat this morning and Diane, my favorite night nurse, had chosen a coordinating outfit. But, best of all, no wires, no tubes!

Mary Beth was with me and we were thrilled to learn that the discharge papers had already been signed
I could hardly believe we were really headed home. Sarah weighed in this morning at 5 pounds, 2 ounces. Her feeding instructions were "Breastfeed on demand." Yippee!
Maybe we will actually get a real nap together today.
At last, she is home and snuggled on my chest. In our bed.
And we will stay right here until you get home. Then, we'll stay here some more.
With you...
...and Karoline.