It's Official

Rachel has posted on the message board and I  wanted to be sure the word was out here as well. She wrote:

It's hard to say, but...

The Real Learning conference has had to give way to Real Life. Each of the 6 committee members has been dealt quite a year right now: high risk pregnancy, newborns, complications related to just having moved or being about to move, traveling and deployed husbands, and of course Mr. Vander Woude's tragic and heroic death.

We all believe that God is telling us "not this year" for ministering to other homeschoolers, and instead "yes this year" to focus on nurturing our families. We hope that you will continue to find the support you need here at the forum and/or at one of the other local conferences.

God Bless!


So there you have it. Real Life--the good, the sad, and the holy.

There are a few DVDs and CDs left from last year's conference if that's any consolation.