Thanks and Giving

  Dsc_0077This year, we're most thankful for our Baby Blessing. Thanksgiving dinner will be served at Mike's sister's house. A few short weeks ago, that was home base for us while Sarah was in the NICU. We're going to stop at the hospital on our way to our Thanksgiving festivities, so that we can deliver a little Christmas cheer. The Dsc_0079NICU nurses drape fleece blankets over the incubators because the babies like the dark. Mary Beth made these blankets, following these directions, so that the NICU will be all dressed up for Christmas. I remember one night when the Dsc_0078_2a baby had become a bit sicker. He required more equipment than he had when his mother had seen him earlier in the day. I listened as the nurses did their best to make that equipment look less frightening, so that his mother would not be too shocked. The last thing they did was go hunt up the cheeriest blanket they could find for the top of the incubator. We hope these blankets will bring Christmas cheer to a place of tiny people and big miracles.