Seven Quick Takes

It is not "laying down your life for your child" when you skip meals, skip sleep, skip exercise, skip showers, and skip private time for prayer. It's suicide.You have to put on your oxygen mask before you can help them with theirs. Took me nine babies to learn that.

There is almost no bad day that isn't made better with a cup of tea, some lip gloss, and a little Amy Grant.

Who thought it was a good idea to have three girls in a row and call them
Kari/ Kara
Seriously, I'm so confused it will be a miracle if the baby ever learns her real name.

How to make winter orange smoothies:
juice two or three big carrots,
 peel a big orange,
add a handful of frozen peaches,
and about a cup of plain or vanilla yogurt
TBS of coconut oil
Blend it all until it's smooth. Whey powder works, too, for a protein punch, and honey sweetens it nicely. It's ok to add frozen pineapple and that will taste good but it does wreck the "orange" theme and will cause consternation for the child who watches such things. Makes 2 generous servings.

Someone wrote me recently and asked if I have help. I'm assuming she means household help. And I do. They all look rather alike and they all "live in." My children are my household help, for better or worse (and we have both). We have had cleaning ladies come in once a week or every other week for different seasons in our lives. With one exception, they were really more work than help. It was always so stressful to get the house clean enough to suit the cleaning lady before she began. Made me feel perpetually guilty, even as I was writing a large check.

There is nothing sweeter than falling asleep just after the nursing baby does. I lie there next to her and watch as she completely relaxes at last. Her mouth falls open slightly, forming a perfect "0" and a little puddle of milk collects there. She shudders a bit and then sighs. And so do I. Slumber comes.

This one is good:
Take care not to meddle in things which do not concern you, nor even allow them to pass through your mind; for perhaps you will not then be able to fulfill your own task.-- St. John of the Cross

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