Small Successes: I'll Play!

Danielle is asking us to share our small successes in an effort to recognize that all our small successes throughout the day add up to big triumphs. Sounds like a great plan!
  1. My husband has a grueling schedule these days. I sent him off on a five day, 'round the clock work stint after a big breakfast of steak and eggs and country sausage gravy. On a school day.
  2. I took a sound-asleep-nap today ( I was up at four to see dear husband off to direct Mass for EWTN before the March for Life). Sound asleep naps are rare commodities. I didn't even hear my children vacuuming (and they did:-).
  3. I've roughed out-- in writing-- plans for the next eight weeks of learning in our home. This means we're good to go almost all the way to our annual Bluebell Break.
What are your successes this week? Share them at Faith and Family Live!