Super duper mega outtie

Yesterday, Katie showed me a tiny scar on the inside of her thigh. She wanted to know how she got it.

 I remembered.

Katie's carseat buckles between her legs. When she was little, I accidentally caught her skin in the buckle when I fastened it. She screamed. I cried. Poor baby.
Sarah Anne's carseat buckles at the belly button. Much safer, right? Well, not really.
Sarah Anne has an umbilical hernia, also known as a "super duper, mega outtie." Her belly button is bigger than my thumb and sticks way out. And--you guessed it--I managed to catch it in the carseat. She screamed. I cried. DSC_0407You'd think I'd learn after twenty years of buckling carseats, but seriously, just as I was getting good at avoiding thighs and such, now I get thrown a belly button curve ball?
I'm including a picture here. When Sarah Anne was really tiny, I kept bothering Mike about the belly button. He thought I was overreacting and it would look normal just like everyone else's. I thought otherwise, but I had a hard time googling images that looked like what I was seeing.
So, if you're a new mom out there looking for pictures of your sweet baby's "super duper mega outtie," it's an umbilical hernia. And don't worry too much, Mama dear; they usually resolve all by themselves in a year or so. But do watch that carseat buckle!