Daybook for the heart of my home: February 16

Outside My Window ...
there are a few snow flurries swirling (But I still want MORE snow;-)
I am listening to...
noisy children who really need me to get them going in a productive direction this Monday morning.
To Live the Liturgy...
It's time to start planning for Lent. I hope to have a few minutes this week to sort through files and links?
To Breathe Deeply...
Several people asked about my workout. I've been doing the T-Tapp Basic workout, which was just perfect coming off bedrest and a c-section. This week, I'm moving up to the walking workout. Woo hoo! .

Towards rhythm and beauty ...
hmmm,, no doctors' appointments, no big trips, no one is sick; do I dare hope for a "normal" week?

I am thankful for ...
a baby who only sleeps when in contact with my chest. Really, I am. She slows me down and encourages me to savor every moment of this all-too-fleeting time.
From the kitchen ...
 Stir fried ham and veggies for dinner tonight and then split pea soup with ham tomorrow. We had a spiral sliced ham for our Valentine's dinner last night--a gfit that keeps giving:-)

I am wearing ...
 black knit pants, a white tee shirt with a pink cardigan, pink pearl earrings and my St. Anne medal necklace. After thoroughly digesting It's So You! I've got the basic uniform down.
I am creating ...
a facebook page. Ugh-it feels like a disorganized mess. No more time for that this week. But it has been fun to find some old friends and catch up a bit.
  On my iPod...
still more Mozart for Sarah Anne .

Towards a real education ...
In addition to the history trail, we're going to have a philosophy/theology binge this week. I want to make time to talk about  Before I Go: Letters to My Children About What Really Matters with my bigger kids. And I think I'll begin St. Patrick's Summer again with the younger set.  I was feeling like tea-time didn't give me enough discussion-reading time during the day and Colleen suggested instituting popcorn and lemonade time mid-morning. Sounds like a plan!
Bringing beauty to my home ...
I've had children's paintings hanging in my sunroom as a kind of window valance for nearly three years. I think it's time to change up the art work. That will require creating new artwork and this seems a  good week to do that. (Didn't get to this one last week because we did lots of Valentine and president crafting, so we'll do it this week.)
I am reading  ...

a great big stack of Michael Dubruiel books and you should too! Be sure to buy them this month from Our Sunday Visitor, who will contribute double to the Dubruiel college fund. These are really good books and make excellent Confirmation and Easter gifts. Please stock up and keep them on hand for giving.

I am hoping ...
that my midwife, Margie, and her family are comforted by the prayers of people from all over the world as they mourn the loss of her sister Mary in the Buffalo plane crash. Won't you please pray for the family and for the soul of Mary?
Around the house ...
the goal is to maintain our newly found sense of peace and order (still). This is the intention I bring to St.Anne every morning. She is such a faithful intercessor.
One of my favorite things ...
Valentine roses--all eighteen of them. This guy really has figured out that romance thing:-). 
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
nail down a plan for Lent and buy all the supplies necessary. I went out the day before Valentine's Day to find pink and red jimmies and there were none to be had in the whole greater DC area. Lesson learned; I picked up St. Patrick's Day jimmies.I will have a plan and I will get it all together this week. I will.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing~
  The first baby in blue is Karoline and the second is Sarah Anne  


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