Slow Down! You move too fast!

Sheesh! My first day trying to catch the hang of Facebook and Twitter simultaneously:

  • I joined the Krysti Hinton fan club (Krysti is my sister. Who knew she had fan club?)
  • My father added me as a friend. My father has a Facebook account??
  • I have 151 "Facebook" emails and 130 Twitter emails. That feels really overwhelming to me.
  • I registered with my married name, then added my maiden name, then deleted my maiden name because it looked so odd to me (and yes, because I spelled it wrong the first time I keyed it in).
  • I got totally lost with tweets and replies and walls and all sorts of things I can't possibly learn with a nursing baby in my lap.[ blog template feels so comfortable and s.l.o.w.]
  • I waited all day for my husband to confirm me as his friend, thereby confirming that Facebook is high school all over again. I will hack into his account tonight and fix that, yes I will:-)
  • I looked through fifteen or so pages of Kappa Delta-UVa alumnae and didn't see a single person I knew. What's up with that? 
  • I did find my sorority little sister. She was hanging out on Patrick's godfather's wall.
  • I didn't find my real little sister. Just her fan club. 
  • I didn't find anyone else from college either, except for Laurel and I already had her blog.
  • Best of all, I learned there are only 8 carb grams in 3 of those addictive Valentine dots.

So, if I miss you somehow on Twitter or Facebook or if I somehow step on your toes or otherwise mess up, please pardon me and be gentle when you correct me. I sooooo don't get this whole shebang!

Comments open. Maybe I'll learn something