Gingrich to Convert

Laugh with me this morning:
When one of my children saw the headline "Gingrich to Convert" at National Catholic Register, she said, "To WHAT? Liberalism?"

I convulsed in giggles. And she said, "No, seriously, what is he converting to?"

My children see Newt Gingrich at church all the time. Last Christmas Eve, they were at the Basilica way before time for midnight Mass. They bumped into (literally) a familiar silver-haired gentleman in the cafeteria. He chatted with them for a few minutes and they wished him a Merry Christmas. Then, Stephen turned to Christian and said, "Don't I know him from somewhere?"
Nicky (rather loudly) replied, "Yeah, he's always on Sean Hannity! He must be important if he knows Sean Hannity."
Mr. Gingrich smiled.

Newt Gingrich always sits in about the same place in the Basilica. His wife sings in the choir, and so my children all assumed he already was Catholic.Imagining that Newt Gingrich is Catholic is not a far reach for my family and we look forward to going to the Lord's Table with him (maybe Easter?).

Imagining him converting to liberalism is another thing entirely;-)