Small Successes~7

I wanted to post that I had done a deep cleaning in my bedroom--the first of the Lenten spring cleaning. Instead, I'm reporting that my desk and dresser are very clean and orderly. That was the first thing I saw this morning. That's my small victory. The rest will happen, no?

I woke up in the morning after a very bad day and was reminded once more that God grants grace sufficient for the day. Every Single Day. My success lies in being open to every last bit of that grace.

At her insistence, I played the "gem game" with Katie for hours on a Saturday morning when I really had so many other things to do. She thinks I'm the "best Mommy in the world."Good to know. I'm tucking the declaration away for when she's an early teen.


What are your successes this week? This is a great exercise in holding ourselves accountable and patting ourselves on the back. Mothering and homemaking don't have built in performance reviews and bonuses. The  internet can be a source of support and encouragement. Let's encourage one another in our small successes. Share them at Faith and Family Live!