Lenten Prompts

When Danielle and I decided to run our daily Lenten prompts again this year, Patrick changed all the dates from last year's posts so that they would run on the right days this year. I guess that Google Reader doesn't see them as new posts, because they aren't appearing there. I don't see spending the time to cut and paste and completely re-post. So, if you rely on your Google Reader to tell you what's happening in the Heart of My Home, you're going to miss the Lenten prompts. But, you can still get them on your Reader if you're subscribed to Faith and Family Live.

 And now for my confession: I totally forgot to check the prompt today and I missed doing the blog/board fast. I'll do that tomorrow (and I think we should add Twitter and Facebook too, huh?). I'm looking forward to a more silent day--today's prompts were some of my favorites last year. I'll be pondering and praying what Ann has said about silence here and what Amy has written about how the habit of writing makes us more aware of the  sacred.