Lots to Chew On...

Marilyn has a thought-provoking post up with lots of links. She has us thinking about how we affect our daughters' self images for life, particularly with regard to their bodies. In part, she writes:

Watch What You Eat, Yes. But Also Watch What You Say and Do Around Your Daughterwhere Jennifer Huget talks about how our daughters are influenced by the signals we send out about our views of our bodies - that we are the role models for our daughters and will influence their body image. There is a quote that struck me: "But Chadwick notes that we all learn our self-image lessons from our own mothers (and grandmothers) and have to work hard not to pass damaging lessons on to our daughters". The author is talking about Dara Chadwick's new books, You'd Be So Pretty If . . .: Teaching Our Daughters to Love Their Bodies-Even When We Don't Love Our Own


An Innocent Word Can Be A Heavy Burden where the author states how a mother's comments can cause a daughter to have a poor body image, and set her on the path of eating disorders. Quote: "Not all eating disorders are triggered by parents, but experts increasingly recognize the dangerous role of thinness-obsessed adults".

A healthy body image is an invaluable gift our daughters take with them into adulthood. Click over and read the rest.