Details, details

We're back from the beach: tons of fun and oodles of pictures, but I'll have to journal that later. It's "G" week on the Alphabet Path for us, and some serious gardening is in the plans today (not to mention all the unpacking and reorganizing that comes with some time away from home).

My inbox is full of questions, so I'm hoping to answer here and be efficient:-). is down. I'm not sure why. The webmaster for that site is Cindy Kelly's husband, who volunteers his time and expertise. His dad died yesterday. Please pray for Larry's soul and for the whole Kelly clan. Your patience and understanding with the web details are appreciated.

I know that navigating Serendipity is becoming tedious. I promise to look into other options and move it from blog format as soon as I can. I have no idea when that will be. Remember, it's free. ;-)

In the meantime, if you try the search bar on the lefthand side of this blog, it will search Serendipity for you. I had some success when I gave it a few trial searches.

There have been some questions about books for the Sunflower Basket. Here are my best answers:

Mary Beth is no longer using Botany in a Day. Instead we are using Apologia Botany and the Notebooking Journal. These, along with the other reading and the Botany Coloring Book make for a very complete course. The links I provided above give you a look at the samples of the book and journal. Sacred Heart Books and Gifts stock all the botany books we are using.

Sacred Heart also carries You Can Become a Saint and the workbook.

I've gotten some notes from people who are looking for my book. If you ordered from me in the last month, your book is on its way. I've now depleted my supply. Thanks for wanting it:-)!

My publisher tells me that Real Learning is out of print currently (and will be reprinted at a higher cost). A second edition is also in the works. Linda at Sacred Heart is the only one I know who has the first edition now and she has it for a great price.

Now, there are sandy jeans to shake and wash, weeds to pull, pansies to plant, and morning calling my name!