Fall In Love Again this Weekend

Moments from now, I am on my way to the beach. I've packed half the household and left detailed instructions for what's left behind to the able folks staying here. I have cried and complained through the last two days because no one moved fast enough or worked hard enough. I'm tense and tired and grumpy.

And a dear friend challenges me to fall in love again this weekend.

Really? With all these kids around (ours and a few more we've gathered along the way)? With twelve soccer games on the schedule? With a drive down and back that requires each of us to take a vehicle in order to get everyone there? With six kids bringing nebulizers and inhalers?

Well, there is that house on the ocean he rented, the love of my life who really does try to capture my heart. There is the promise of moments of peace in front of the sea.

And there is this simple "Rule of Four."

Falling in love.

Sounds like a great thing to do this weekend.