As Bump begins to gain some notoriety, I've noticed that astute reviewers are pointing out the flaws. In this particularly thoughtful essay, Mary Hasson articulates the sum of what I think is inherently wrong with the premise of the show.

Other bloggers are quick to point out other problems.

Please bear in mind that Bump is the project of college students from John Paul the Great University. These are young adults preparing to be a force for good in the culture of television and new media. We need them to succeed! Clearly there are flaws--some much bigger than bad acting--but kudos to them for taking a risk and for initiating conversation. Hopefully,they won't be discouraged by the imperfections and the way they are sure to be discussed. Hopefully, they'll look back on this experience fondly as one in which they learned a great deal and moved forward with resolve and hard-won wisdom to claim media for the good guys in culture war. I think we can encourage that ultimate success in the way that we respond to this series and influence the conversation.