Follow Up

Yesterday, I noted that Danielle Bean, Lisa Hendy and I were talking about teens and technology at Faith and Family Live! In the course of the conversation, I rather flippantly said that I'm a failure at controlling technology use. When three women have fifteen minutes total to discuss a topic, it's a good idea to think ahead and decide what's most important to say. I chose to spend my 5-ish minutes letting people know about Mpower. Because I know that Mpower will do a far better job than the one I'm doing, despite my long history of working diligently at techonology control. This generated some mail and some Facebook comments chock full of advice and admonitions for my cavalier attitude towards the evils lurking in my home electronics.

Rest assured, my husband and I spend considerable time keeping tabs on what's happening in all those screens. We've pretty much kept up with the technology wave. That said, I am  looking forward to the launch of Mpower so that minds who are much more educated and agile than mine will be on my side to wage war on any evil prowling about for the ruin of souls. The reality is that I've been at this a while and history and experience tell me that just as sure as I go to sleep tonight self-assured that I've sealed up all venues of evil and protected my children from all electronic harm, my boys (the girls, not so much) will discover a new gadget or network or game or venue that I never could have imagined.There will be system failure. Been there, done that. There's always something. That's why I am so looking forward to these guys taking on the job. They are ever so much more imaginative than I am.