Running Numbers

Number of days Mike has been gone: 9

Number of days until he comes home: 5

Number of days since the floor project began: 24

Number of days until it's finished: not many (at least that's what I'm told)

Number of Swiffer pads we've used so far in the clean up: 21

Number on the thermometer when I took Sarah's temperature this morning: 104

Number of children wheezing, sneezing and miserable: 4

Number of hours sleep total I've had since he left: about 40 maybe

Number of inches of snow fallen since he left: 6

Number of inches of snow predicted this weekend: about 15-20

Number of inches of snow predicted on Tuesday (when he's due to travel home): some

Number of times I have re-heated my tea this morning: 6

Number of people in this family eagerly awaiting the Super Bowl (in oh-so-many ways): 11

Number of graces bestowed on us: as many as we beg. And then some.