It won't be long now!

Danielle has all the news about where find the news as we get VERY close to shipping Small Steps for Catholic Moms: Think. Pray. Act. Every Day. If you pre-order, you'll be the first to get yours! What a nice way to start the Easter season--a new devotional inspiration.


In other news, things are crazy busy here. My husband called yesterday and asked what was up with my blog. Since I've been messing with URLs and such, this query made me nervous.

"Why, what do you see?"

"Your last post is March 24th. I can't see any after that."

"Right. That's the last one."

"Oh. Why?"

Dear man, the next thing I post will be all the homemaking lists I've made just so I don't go absolutely nuts trying to keep all these balls in the air while you are away during a major liturgical season.

Speaking of balls and being away, my husband has had some fun in Dallas meeting my blog friends, who showed up with lots of little kids to watch Paddy play. That's so awesome, because Paddy is used to playing for an audience of small fans. I'm sure everyone is a lot less homesick thanks to great big Texas hospitality. But I admit to being more than a little envious...Wish I were there doesn't really cut it.

Mike has my camera. Perhaps there will be pictures soon...or maybe they will  up on a Texas blog.