Kind Conversation~ Mission Statement

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It is my wholehearted conviction that the successof this network rests entirely upon every one of its members remembering the mission: We exist solely to encourage one another in seamless lives of holiness.

As we move fingers across a keyboard, we must ask ourselves: do they bless?

Sometimes, others will be blessed when we ask a question. It is a great gift to be able to articulate the ponderings of another’s heart. Sometimes, others will be blessed when we provide an answer. Always, we can bless with the witness of our lives—and our words.


Our Creator has generously given us the gift of time and the gift of work. Our work is in our homes. Everything we do must be ordered towards nurturing those He has entrusted to our care. It is my sincere hope that this venue will be an aid in using your time with your family well, that you will find things here to help lighten your load, lift your spirits, and make your heart sing. Don’t waste time here. Do God’s work here. If what you’re reading or writing isn’t bringing you closer to God-- making you a better wife and mother-- then push away from the computer. 


The journey towards this space took place during all of Lent. For me, it was a most unexpected journey. As I sit here today, on the eve of Easter, I look to the words that have guided me through this Lent and guided us as we created this place for you. Those words, taken together, provide the guidelines for this unique place of Kind Conversation.


Do not sow a crop of good intentions in your neighbor's garden, but cultivate your own with diligence.

~St. Francis de Sales


If you click on the tab labeled “My Garden,” you will find your own space here. You can go to the righthand sidebar and click on the “manage” button and set about decorating your spaceJ . This is your garden; I look
forward to visiting!


"Talkativeness is the throne of vainglory, on which it loves to show itself and make a display. Talkativeness is a sign of ignorance, a door to slander, a guide to jesting, a< servant of falsehood, the ruin of godly conviction, a creator and summoner of hopelessness, a precursor of sleep, the dissipation of recollection, the
abolition of watchfulness, the cooling of zeal, the darkening of prayer."

~St. John Climacus


There is a difference between talkativeness and community. Kind Conversation is about community, not talkativeness. Stop and ask yourself if you are building community or wasting time.


After seeing how many people waste their lives (without a break: gab, gab, gab---and with all the consequences!) I can better appreciate how necessary and lovable silence is. And I can understand, Lord, why you will make us account for every idle word. ~St. Josemarie Escriva


Wasting time is sinful. Let this place be a place of blessing, not the near occasion of sin.


This is what that really is: grumbling, gossiping, tale-bearing, scandal-mongering, back-biting. Or even slander? Or viciousness?

When those who are not supposed to sit in judgment do so, they very easily end up as gossiping old maids.

~St. Josemarie Escriva



Don’t sit in judgment. Be very, very careful never to venture into calumny or detraction. In matters of prudential discernment, take what you read into your own heart, share it with your husband and seek qualified spiritual direction, but do not judge someone else’s heart or soul.
We want to guard carefully against becoming bitter, gossiping old maids. If you see a conversation that has become unkind, please don’t hesitate to use the“Report” button at the bottom of every page. And I promise you I won’t hesitate to take whatever means necessary to squelch behavior that even hints of the waste of life about which St. Josemarie Escriva writes.


This is not a debate forum and it’s not an apologetics forum. There are other places on the web for that. Over time, I’ve learned that heated internet discussions rarely change anyone’s minds. Instead, they create laundry piles, whiny children, and disgruntled, neglected husbands. Childhood is too short; marriage too precious. Please limit yourself to kind conversation.


St. Ephrem’s Lenten prayer sums up well the atmosphere we desire for the venue:


O Lord and Master of my life! Take from me the spirit of sloth, faint-heartedness, lust of power, and idle talk.  But give rather the spirit of  chastity, humility, patience,
and love to Thy servant. Yea, O Lord and King! Grant me to see my own errors
and not to judge my brother; For Thou art blessed unto ages of ages. Amen


I pray that this place does not become for me the occasion of sloth or faintheartedness or lust of power or idle talk. I pray that it will be only and always a blessing. Will you pray that prayer with me?


Finally, as we look with great anticipation to the Feast of Divine Mercy, I take to heart the words of St. Faustina:


Great are the faults committed by the tongue. The soul will not attain sanctity if it does not keep watch over its tongue.


I beg you to keep careful watch over what you say.

Welcome to this special place! Come walk with us as we seek to encourage and be encouraged. Come talk with us as we cultivate together a habit of Kind Conversation.