Mother's Day Manicures and More

My babies were sick for Mother's Day. Both Sarah and Karoline had wicked coughs and fevers.  Mike was gone, so Christian dragged himself out of bed to drive Stephen to a far away soccer game and Paddy went along to make sure they didn't get lost keep them company and cheer Stephen on.

I snuggled my  little girl and nursed my baby. And ran out of ginger ale and generic Motrin. I called my mother on the way to the grocery store. Dropped the call

I actually ended up at three different stores. Generic Motrin is hard to come by in these days of the McNeil recall. And Tyelenol alone wasn't touching the fever. When I finally found what I wanted, I wandered down the aisle with bubble bath and nail polish. There were three little girls there with bouquets and cards. They were holding their Daddy's hands as they chose bubble bath gifts.

I have little girls.

I briefly pondered the possibilities of a pity party.


Instead, I decided that bubbles are a girl's best friend. Especially when she's not feeling well.

I picked Mike up at the airport in time to for him to take all the boys to Nick's game.

And then I revealed the Plan to the girls.


Flowers on the tub.


An assortment of yummy smelling goodies for during and after a warm bath.


Fun in the bubbles.


Pink bathrobes for all of us.


A baby massage while we sing, "I rub, rub, rub you 'cause I love, love, love you." (It usually makes her much happier.)


Pink pedicures and Pink manicures.


Tiny fingers and toes and a wee bit of a smile on those faces.


Our favorite cookies


Gingered tea punch.


And an unexpected  phone call with the news that Gracie will soon be home. To stay. Not long now, and there will be ten children under the roof, if Michael still counts as  a child.


Dad and the boys came bearing gifts: flowers, an Indian feast, espresso chip ice cream and the promise of a darling movie. We ate together around the big table and then snuggled up for the movie. Sarah felt well enough to dance little jig to the Irish tunes and Karoline sighed contentedly at the end, "Now they are married and they will have babies and whole big family. What a happy story!"

I put my babies to bed and my husband put me to bed.

Mother's Day. Lovely.

What a happy story!