Note to the world:

My phone won't allow me to send text messages. And it won't allow me to receive text messages.

So, if you've texted me in the last few days, I didn't get it.

And I won't be texting you back.

And I don't know when I can fix the situation, because I really don't have a window for arguing with ATT&T on the calendar any time soon.

I am surprised by how much I miss the ability to text. This time last year, I rarely sent or received any text messages. I pretty much thought they were dumb. Pick up the phone already or send a letter or an email. These snippy little things are hardly communication.

I remember a conversation late in August with Colleen. We were lamenting the effect of text messaging on the youth as only a couple of English teachers could do. No, we were all about more "complete" communication.

And then Bryce died.

The first text I received from Colleen was utterly unintelligible. I had no idea what she was trying to say there were so many typos. Soon, though, we fell into a pattern. She could escape the constant throng of people and tap out a few words of sorrow or a prayer request and I'd know what to do. She didn't have to speak, because really, speech was too much at the time, and so were long letters.

For me, texting was a way to tell her I was available without the jangle of the phone intruding upon her. I'd let her know that I could talk and invite her to call if she wanted. Before we knew it, we cultivated that habit of always texting first. And it's a habit that remains today. By sending a short text, we don't intrude on each other's rhythm. I still don't have conversations via text, but I do see the usefulness of short messages.

I text my children to remind them of all sorts of things. Like

I Love You.

Don't forget your meds.

Buckle up.

Good luck; you'll do fine. 

Thunder at L'ville. Pls go get Nicky and Stephen.

You are not a test result. You are the image and likeness of God.

Short. Sweet. They get the message.

And I text my husband, too.

But I think I'll keep those to myself.

Come to think of it, maybe I can find some time today to get to AT&T:-)