Blessed Feast!


Hail pious mother, holy Anna hail!

Thy name falls sweetly on the Christian's ear;

They called thee gracious, chosen to prevail

By grace throughout they heav'nward journey here.

Root of you branch, whose heav'nly blossoms sent

Wide o'er the earth the perfume of its breath;

Perennial fount, e'er spreading, never spent,

Lily of Jesse, Rose of Nazareth.

Hail mother of that Star which placid rose

Above the flood of death and sin and war;

The Mother of our Queen whom Heaven chose

Spouse of King of Kings for evermore!

Receive our supplications, mother dear,

Who was graced alone, of all mankind,

The honor to conceive, to nurse and rear

God's stainless Mother, for our joy designed.

Oh, never cease, we pray thee, to present

Before that Son and mother our desire,

The King and Queen of yonder firmament,

That happy home to which our souls aspire.

-Pere Faber