Tweeting is a Life Skill

Yes, indeed, it definitely is. The whole world will one day require us to express everything in 140 (120?) characters or fewer. I know this because I just filed an auto insurance claim and I was asked to describe the incident in 120 characters or fewer. (Actually, they said "less" but I think it's fewer...)

Yesterday, I hit a parked car in the grocery store parking lot. While this might seem a ridiculously unlikely accident, I'm actually surprised that in ten years, it's the first time I've done it. It's a big van, I'm a small person and I once tested in the 10th percentile on a standardized test in the category called "spatial relations." Truth be told, I divulged this information to my husband before we were married. He married me anyway and bought me a ginormous van. Brave man.

Back to the form. I filed the claim online and was limited to 120 characters to tell my story. I nailed it. [The report and the bumper:-)] The report was exactly 120 characters long. I am a much better writer than driver. Much better.

My takeaway lesson? Park even further away than my customary "far away."

And write Twitter into the curriculum for my teenagers, so they can practice filling out online forms. All about life skills.