Just Do It

(You like that title? We're all Nike here now, you know;-)

I'm sitting at Chicken Out in McLean. They have free wi-fi and really good chicken. I have an hour and a half. Mike is in the air somewhere over the midwest. I've already talked to Michael four times today, so I'm not calling him. I texted Paddy and asked him to call when he has both time and privacy. I know better than to hold my breath. Those are scarce commodities for him. My plan was to get on the CM Organizer and do some tweaking now that we've started school in earnest. But there's really very little tweaking to do.

I need to write a column. It's due tomorrow. But I'm not really feeling that right now.

This blog has been decidedly sad lately and I want to smile for you. It's Tuesday. Hmmmm. Nothing special there. Just do it, the Spirit whispers. Beth did it and she has certainly said her fair share of goodbyes in the past couple of weeks. Just do it. You know you should. You know that's a step in the right direction. Just start making that list. Call to mind the blessings. List them one by one. Do it now. You have the time. ...

I'm grateful for

  • Julie, who heard me say that the way forward for me is always to polish up the house and look forward to fun things. She painted my bathroom this afternoon. It's amazing how much a little paint can brighten one's perspective. What's even better is an afternoon with a friend who can make you laugh and laugh with you.
  • Jen, who comes home from the beach tomorrow and brings with her paint swatches, because certainly we are on a roll.
  • Mary Chris, who is there, just there, whenever for whatever.
  • Colleen, who--by the grace of God-- comes tomorrow and who has listened to my every whimper and never once said, "At least you still have him; he didn't die, but just went away." Even though she could. She really, really could.
  • Jan, who has been praying with me since I was 19, and keeps praying still.
  • A darling girl, a blooming romance, and and the welcome opportunity to think happy thoughts along those lines.
  • The sushi chef who sent a complimentary delicious roll to our table when Mike and I went out the other night. As embarrassing as it is to be recognized and have a "usual," it was such a kind, neighborly gesture and the food was, as always, amazing.
  • Cindy, who says she'll visit my boy often and means it.
  • Linda, who knows exactly what I'm saying even if it's unintelligible.
  • Katherine, who always know what to say and says it with gentle grace.
  • Ann, who prompts me to count my blessings and who helps me to find the words when I don't know what to say.
  • Soccer moms.
  • Blooming roses.
  • Rotisserie chicken to go.
  • The wise advice and holy perspective of Dr. deHority and the day after a good night's sleep. Pray for her!
  • A sweet baby who insists, "Mama, I LOVE you!" over and over until I pick her up.
  • Karoline.
  • Podcasts that have become genuine conversations with dear friends. 
  • Sweet, warm, kind notes from women all over the world and right in my backyard.
  • Texts from Texas and Colorado and several places in between.
  • Time--time to think complete thoughts, to snuggle my baby til we've both held enough, to read countless picture books first thing in the morning.
  • Mike, who has always, unfailingly and wholeheartedly supported...
  • Home Education. Dear Lord, I am grateful anew for the gift of days and days of connectedness and shared experiences that this learning experience brings to our family. It is Enough. And so much more. Truly.

For those of you have have asked, the brief report on Patrick's first day is that the soccer was good, school was boring, and someone brought him carryout to supplement the bad food.

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