Across Time and Place

On September 1, 2009, just before I got in the car for the afternoon soccer run, Colleen's sister called with the devastating news that baby Bryce had died in his sleep. The bright afternoon grew very dark.

I wanted so badly to be there with her. But I was here.

We did the best we could, crossing miles in every way we knew without leaving our families, connecting and consoling and being genuinely grateful for technology.

Finally, today, one year later, we will be together. And I am so thankful for the opportunity for a real hug. For my children and hers, playing together. For the chance to remember. For the blessing it is to console a dear friend and to celebrate the little life of her sweet baby.

Colleen has traveled a weary road this year and she's done it with extraordinary faith and grace. She sat down a few days ago to talk about her journey with Danielle Bean. Listen to their conversation. Be blessed.

And please, say a prayer for her today.